Coil Tattoo Machine

Dominator + GRIP, Purple

380.00 (tax excl)

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This machine includes the grip system and can be used for shading, linework or color packing (ask for custom settings). You can find more information about this machine in the description below!

sold out


Dominator is a single coil machine created by looking for the highest functionality, a perfectly balanced body with a great power that allows you to do any type of work. Included is a Grip system created for the use of standard needles with disposable long tubes or metal tubes. This system allows you to easily regulate the depth of the needle. The machine is designed with two sides and a solid connection with the Grip for a maximum reduction of vibration, and has armature bar designed to have a reduction of up to 70% of sound compared to any standard coil machine.

If you want to customize your machine for lines, shading, or color packing specifically, you can let me know during payment, under ‘order note’!


  • Can be used for shading, linework or color packing, (ask for custom settings)
  • Grip system included
  • 12 Wrap coil
  • Recommended Voltage Range between 4.5v to 6.5v
  • Needle range from 1R to 14R and from 3M to 17M
  • Use of long disposable/metal tubes
  • RCA connection (can be ordered with additional clip cord connection)
  • Steel and aluminum body
  • Powder paint and anodized finish
  • Weight of 148g (may change depending on configuration)
  • Silent


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