The Dominator

Is a single coil machine created looking for the highest functionality; a perfectly balanced body with great power that allows you to do any type of work.

This machine has a large coil, iron frame and two sides, offering greater weight distribution and a better center of gravity. Due to the well elaborated geometry that went into its design, it was possible to obtain a very light and strong machine.

The above mentioned characteristics cause it to be a more stable machine than single-sided coil machines, or coil machines with aluminum frames.

The Dominator also has an armature bar designed to have a reduction of up to 70% of sound compared to any standard coil machine.

is a very versatile tattoo machine, it can be used for lines, shadow and color packing. It has the option to come with an RCA or Clip Cord connection. Included with this machine is the AE Grip system created for the use of standard needles with disposable long tubes or metal tubes. This system allows you to easily regulate the depth of the needle.

The Dominator is coil machine with higher comfort and an excellent balance. All of the compenents are of excellent quality, and can be used by all generations of artists. Without a doubt one of the best coil machines on the current market.