The C-4

Is a direct rotary tattoo machine of high efficiency, the frame was designed to increase user comfort and to provide greater solidity which helps reduce vibrations. The frame came from a solid aluminum block and is accompanied by steel parts.

Like its stroke 3.5mm with a perfectly balanced – which adapts to all kinds of tattoo work – this machine was designed with high standards, which can only happen using materials and components of the highest quality.

For example its Maxon motor, a motor carefully selected for its high performance and resistance, has the ability to work from very low to very high revolutions, always maintaining its power and consistency.

It is accompanied by the best bearings such as FAG and SKF, which are both recognized for their high reliability and durability. The machine is available with either an RCA or clip cord connection with interchangeable connection brackets.

It is also accompanied by a new version of the AE grip system, which is lighter and has greater precision. I would dare to say that it is one of the best rotary machines on the market, with an unbeatable value for money.

The C-4 tattoo machine can be used for all kinds of work; color packing, shading, fine lines, bold lines. Due to its high quality components, it is an extremely versatile machine with very little maintenance, made for strong and precise jobs. A machine that should not be missing in your artillery.