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Con un enfoque en innovación y excelencia, nos comprometemos a empoderar a los artistas al proporcionarles las herramientas que necesitan para llevar su arte al siguiente nivel. Únete a nuestra creciente comunidad y descubre la diferencia de trabajar con tecnología de punta en tus manos. Mistaken denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and we will give you complete account of the system expound.

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How to setup your Imperial C1

Howsfda to prepare your grip and tattoo machine, by Alexis Epalza. Using long tips, a new and safe system for traditional needles, where you can adjust the needle sfdbgsdfeasily during the tattooing process. The future of the traditional needles, more safe than any cartridge jhbvihxbvdfzsvfdneedle, with a machine that has great balance and performance. These are one of the best coil machines ever made, super light and comfortable, for old and new generations of tattoo artists.

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